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The wriggler changing mat review

As you can see Ethan was so excited when this little guy turned up to help this mum get nappy changes sorted! Ethan sure is a wriggler when it comes to getting his nappy changed. He is like to different babies when the nappy and wipes come out. Sometimes he will lay happily and then other he is screaming and crawling off the mat before you have had time to put the fresh one on.

I was very excited to give this a try and it is so easy to use and can be used from newborn stage right up to the potty training stage. I love how soft the material was when I laid Ethan on top and put his arms in the huggable teddy and then velcro them shut and the hand then go to the side to make a foot rest for the mums and dads to kneel on while changing.

James and Aileen the founders of The Wriggler have really thought about the parents to when planning this new venture and the detail really doesn’t go a miss. The material used is BPA and phthalate free and have been tested to a very high standard in the US and Europe to ensure even the sensitive of skins will be happy laying on this super soft changing mat.

All the material is wipeable and can be used as a normal changing mat without the huggable arms with one easy movement. 

It also folds up to the perfect size to fit in youre changing bag of choice. 

All in all I think this is such a great idea for babies who move around while being changed and it would be  great for those moments in public changing rooms to for hygiene and safety.

If you head over to The Wriggler website you can get 31% off your very own The Wriggler for the next 3 days, that £13 .95 GBP

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