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Make great git diagrams

If you’re a developer, sooner or later you find yourself having to talk about git branching strategies. Drawing this up in a drawing tool can be very time consuming for most of us mere mortals. Luckily there is a great little javascript library that exists purely for making git branching diagrams.

See the nice diagram below? it is being created in real time by gitgraph.js.

Setting things up is pretty straight forward. You can install with npm i --save @gitgraph/js, or simply import the CDN version:

<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Add a div to the page, then pass that DOM node into createGitgraph. You can roll with the defaults, or pass in customisations via createGitgraph().

Once you graph is created, you draw the diagram in the same way you would work with git branches.

  • Use .branch() against an existing branch to create a new branch
  • Use .commit() against a branch to create a commit
  • Use .tag() to tag a branch
  • Use destinationBranch.merge(yourBranch) to merge

Creating a Custom Template

To create a custom template, call GitgraphJS.templateExtend(templateName, options) where template name is one of the 2 defaults:

  • GitgraphJS.TemplateName.Metro
  • GitgraphJS.TemplateName.BlackArrow

The options object provides all the overrides. To see which objects you can override, take a look in the Gitgraph repo.

Pass the new template object into the create call createGraph():

createGitgraph(container, { template: yourTemplate })

Check out the code sample for more detail.

Browser Support

This library supports modern browsers – IE and Edge do not work. Edge will start working once Edge-Chromoium is out in the wild, but for now stick with Chrome or Firefox.

Code Sample

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