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Betimes with B-Sensible Bedding

Sleep is something every new parent talks about and hears about at some point in their child’s life. We were asked to review this breathable fitted sheet by B-Sensible and it has some amazing qualities I thought I would share with you.

The sheet is fitted and goes on a cot bed and isn’t loose or baggy which is reassuring when Ethan is sleeping at night. The sheet is also waterproof which is handy when he has a sip cup in bed I know his bed won’t be soaked in the night he is decided to have a water party. The sheet is made from natural and sustainable fibre which is great for children with allergies.

The material is super smooth and has a dust mite barrier which is great knowing your little ones are protected from these. The B-Sensible sheet is also machine washable and can be used in the tumble dryer which for a busy working mum is a great bonus. The sheet also has Dermofresh which is a new generation of textile which stops water particles passing through and is breathable and like a second skin.

I have been really impressed with this sheet and Ethan has slept really well on it and hasn’t overheated or been uncomfortable so I would really recommend it. 

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