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Autumn is Awesome with LittleLife

Getting out and about is something I have been doing since Ethan was born even if it is just a short walk to get Rex out or a longer woodland walk to dust the cobwebs off. I love being outside and taking the beautiful tones that all the difference season throw at us. I love Autumn and am so glad Ethan was an Autumnal baby because it really is a stunning time of year.

We were kindly sent this Backpack by Littlelifeuk as part of their Autumn is Awesome campaign. I choose the Buzzlight year one and think it really is the perfect fit for Ethan. The backpack is very easy to put on and just goes over the shoulders like a normal backpack but then you have a chest buckle which keeps it from falling off your little ones when they are walking. I love the cute detail of the wings and the colours are so bright and eye-catching and I know this will bring a lot of fun on future walks the more confident Ethan gets.

Ethan loves taking Rex out and he was so happy to be by his side rather than in the buggy so I think this way of getting around will be a real treat for him the more he starts to walk and gain confidence.

There is a strap which connects to the top of the backpack and has a handle for the grown to hold to ensure your little ones are safely walking with you and the older they get they can just wear the backpack to put tMy little Buzzlightyear loved wearing his backpack and you can get one for your little ones to by heading over to  they have some really cute designs and the Buzzlightyear one is currently on offer but out of stock due to being so popular.heir little snacks or a few toys in.

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